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Cognitive supply network

Industry 4.0 provides new business opportunities for production, but it also sets new challenges. Factories are members of supply networks that collaborate and compete with each other; to succeed in the global competition requires new types of capabilities from the whole network.

The cognitive supply network utilizes artificial intelligence, cloud computing and data analytics to continuously improve information transparency, forecasting as well as the planning and operations of demand and supply. The aim is to achieve unique responsiveness, material flow optimization and asset utilization in the whole network.

Reboot IoT Factory addresses transparency, responsiveness and predictability in the supply networks by providing the tools and technologies for the participating factories to achieve this goal. Our researchers collect and analyse the required information to achieve the targets of the cognitive supply network.

Our ultimate goal is to create totally new types of smart products, factories and supply networks to Finland, in which the possibilities offered by IoT are not only taken into account in the manufactured products, but also in the production and supply network processes. This represents a major leap and a paradigm change in production.

Reboot has enabled Proof of Concepts with SME’s and collaboration with project consortium, which aim to digitalize our supply chain, improve its transparency and strengthen the related ecosystem.

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One success case of a smaller company operating with several factories is realized with 3D-talo: “Reboot project has enabled high-risk product development projects with different actors. We have also learned how large a sector our offering of IoT and VR/AR are suitable for explains” CEO Tatu Säisä.

Cognitive supply network focus areas

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How do I get involved?

In order to get involved in our grand challenge of cognitive supply network,  please contact us either directly or using our Fenix business case management tool. We are glad to tell you all about the available business opportunities.

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Reboot IoT Factory brings together service and solution providers, industrial leaders and top research organizations to improve the competitiveness of Finnish manufacturing industry through digitalization

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