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Data-driven supply chain and production management

In order to achieve increased productivity and meet the demands and challenges of both domestic and especially international markets, it is essential to streamline supply chains and production.

This will result to a lean production at an optimal cost. In order to achieve this, the state of the supply chain and the production system must be both studied and also connected together to reach an all-inclusive, universal end-result.

Reboot IoT Factory tackles this problem of boosting supply chain transparency by providing the tools and technologies for the participating companies to achieve this goal. Our researchers expose and collect the required information for the optimization, identify the key performance indicators and the find the relevant sensing technologies.

Our ultimate goal is to create a totally new types of smart products and factories to Finland, in which the possibilities offered by IoT are not only taken into account in the manufactured products, but also in the manufacturing processes. This is the way of boosting productivity.

Data-driven supply chain and production management, focus areas

How do I get involved?

In order to get involved in our grand challenge of data-driven supply chain and production,  please contact us either directly or using our Fenix business case management tool. We are glad to tell you all about the available business opportunities.

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