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Labor at digital work environment

The objective of our third grand challenge is efficient allocation of resources of both workers on the factory floor and material flows in capacity planning.

Our vision is to increase the overall productivity and well-being of workers at the factories, to enable more efficient collaboration between automated production lines and the factory workers as well as to improve and automate capacity planning of both human and material resources.

The success of this grand challenge depends on the commitment of executives, fast pilots to test the new technologies against possible business opportunities and involving the workers on the factory floor in the fast track technology trials. When studying the factory floor, we must not forget that it is essential to always define what is ethical, what is legal and how the workers on the factory floor are measured and evaluated. Making decisions and gathering data about human resources requires empathy, control, involvement as well as agile, appropriate and data-intensive tools.

Labor at digital work environment, focus areas

How do I get involved?

In order to get involved in our labor at digital work environment grand challenge, please contact us either please contact us either directly or using our Fenix business case management tool. We are glad to tell you all about the available business opportunities.

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