Cobot docking

Aim of the project is to create a system to automatically move an ABB Yumi cobot mounted on a wheeled frame from one production cell to the another using a mobile robot, and dock the cobot using a “standard robot interface”. The physical “standard robot interface” provides opportunities to optimize the use of cobots such that they are not fixed and can be moved from one working cell to another on-demand to perform different production tasks. Further, the use of mobile robots makes it possible to automate task scheduling for the robot on a 24/7 day bases to obtain the full benefits of collaborative robots for production. For implementation, four components were developed and integrated. An ABB IRB 14000 YuMi robot with control systems mounted on a wheeled frame, a MiR 200 mobile robot docking platform, a workstation for performing production assembly operations, and a RESTful control software and server for controlling the system. It was tested and proven that automatic and mechanical docking of ABB YuMi Cobot is possible and scalable for industries in Finland. The components utilized for the proof of concept are off the shelf, and technologies are already in use in the industry. This knowledge is disseminated and available for production industries, additionally 1 Bachelor’s thesis publication was produced in the PoC, Title: ”Yhteistyörobotin automaattinen siirto ja telakointi mobiilirobotilla”, Samir Nakroufi, Säkö- ja Automaatiotekniikka, Metropolia AMK.

Partners: GE Healthcare Finland Oy, Roboco Oy, Posicraft Oy
Keywords: mobile roboty, assembly
Contact: Markku Hentula /VTT
Robotics Fusion