Dispatch sequence optimization

The scheduling of a mixed model assembly line was investigated using mixed model linear programming model. Mixed model assembly lines are widely used in production where products are customized according to customer needs i.e. made to order (MTO). However, the customization options lead to uneven workload balance on the assembly line. The uneven workload can be balanced through scheduling of the orders. The objective of the optimization model was to minimize the sum of maximum re-source load peaks. The research was done to a production line consisting of 12 workstations. The variables were the number of workstations per resource, the level of allowance in open workstation borders and the variability of the task times. In the scheduling of an actual production line the obtained maximum resource peaks were 6-10 % less than currently used scheduling based on rules. The improvement in individual segments varied between 0-24 %.

Partners: Ponsse, Aalto University
Keywords: workload optimization, made to order
Contact: Mikko Koho /Ponsse
Digital Production