MES Dashboard

Current IT systems don’t provide needed visibility to Customer Order Fulfilment process at production level. Production management needs to rely on multiple information sources to track customer orders successfully and with current systems this is difficult to execute. Production and equipment status information is scattered in different systems and to being aware of overall status requires a lot of manual information handling. MES Dashboard was developed for aggregated data visualization. IT/OT demarcation was done on group level, ERP-MES-Production equipment architecture was created and MES system was implemented for one product line. Realtime production situation is visualized in real-time dashboard. Leanware-MES product was enhanced with production equipment connectivity and serial number tracking based on sales order configuration to ERP defined components.

Partners: Sulzer, Leanware
Keywords: situation awareness, ETO production
Contact: Jari Juhanko /Aalto University
Digital Production