Network performance is in key role in mobile robotics applications. In addition to typical network performance measurements (latency, data rates, packet loss etc.), there is a need to simultaneously monitor radio parameters such as RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR and handover events. Handovers are specially interesting. Target was to pilot the use of modified commercial network measurement software in in real production environment at Nokia Oulu plant. Radio parameters were collected simultaneously with latency, jitter and packet loss. Two network routers were used as measurement points where the passive probe software was deployed. Passive network measurement software was deployed on the pLTE network. AIV was used as a test bed. Measurement data matched to positioning data for heat map generation. Clear correlations was seen between different network and radio parameters. Heat maps generated from the radio level parameters and packet level latency data provided valuable information on network performance.

Partners: Nokia, Kaitotek
Keywords: network performance
Contact: Markku Hentula /VTT
Robotics Fusion