Thruster digital twin

Exploring the possibilities of a digital twin

This is a group of several smaller proof-of-concepts to study and explore the possibilities of a digital twin of a thruster. This proof-of-concept ranged from design, manufacturing, testing and operation in the field. Possible technologies were mapped with EDR Medeso and Remion. Predictive maintenance was chosen as a first target service. As thruster is a rough environment for physical sensoring the research for virtual sensoring were conducted. As a result there are multiple development paths for thruster development and possibility to increase competitiveness in general – including as-a-service thinking. For customers it decreases downtime in the field and takes a few additional steps toward secure remote controlling and autonomous operation of marine vessels. The thruster digital twin will be a strategic technology in future for KONGSBERG.

Partners: KONGSBERG, EDR Medeso, Remion
Keywords: digital twin, marine, data analysis, virtual sensors
Contact: Joni Keski-Rahkonen /KONGSBERG
Digital Production