Value assessment

• Value assessment paves the way towards optimized lifetime costs and business processes. Modelling future costs and cost savings is crucial for a successful service business and solid earning logic.
• Value assessment supports informed and balanced investment decisions. Modelling and monetizing benefits and savings generated is an essential part of data-based decision making.
• Value assessment tool demonstrates and communicates business value – as the proofs of concept the thruster digital twin and manufacturing MES.
• Measure and verify the added value of a digital solution to your customers’ business and your own business.

Partners: VTT, KONGSBERG, Ponsse, Åbo Akademi
Keywords: Value Assessment, Cost, Cost Savings, Earning Logic Models, Decision-Support, Investment
Contact: Minna Räikkönen /VTT; Joni Keski-Rahkonen /KONGSBERG Ari Vehanen /KONGSBERG; Mikko Koho /Ponsse; Henry Schwartz /Åbo Akademi; Viktor Sundholm /Åbo Akademi
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