Virtual buyer

Robotic Process Automation in creating and sending purchase orders to suppliers

This POC is about using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create and send purchase orders to suppliers. The solution reduces manual routine work so that the buyers can focus their work to the actual challenges in supply chain instead of repetitive work. In this proof-of-concept it was explored which parts of the procurement process appear most feasible for RPA-based automation.

In addition, the mapping of RPA technologies and providers were done. The implemented POC freed up manual work from repetitive tasks towards higher quality grades. It also provided more flexible distribution of work between RPA and human workers. Also temporal flexibility was important as the software robot could work during nights. RPA will remain in Scanfil’s digitalisation roadmap across all production sites.

Partners: Scanfil, Festum Software
Keywords: Supply Chain, Puchasing, RPA
Contact: Sami Tervo /Scanfil
Cognitive Supply Network