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Reboot project exceeded company expectations!

First phase of Reboot IoT Factory ran from May 2018 to October 2019. The final steering group meeting of this phase revisited some highlights as well as assessed the performance of the ecosystem project. This blog reviews selected highlights from the discussion.

During its operation the ecosystem attracted three new factories (ABB Porvoo, Scanfil, Sulzer) and one new research organization (Aalto University) to join. This brought the partner numbers up to eight factories and four research organizations for second phase. Additionally, 37 SME subcontracts were carried out within first phase. Based on these outcomes, steering group agreed that Reboot has clearly changed the Finnish research, development and innovation field through its model of operation.

Scientific impact had several highlights. First phase resulted in 21 international peer-reviewed publications, five theses and two researcher mobilities. Reboot researchers co-organized four international academic workshops, disseminating awareness of the Reboot model of operation to approximately 200 participants.

International awareness was also raised by directly meeting international visitor delegations from Dubai and South Africa. Both delegations were impressed with Reboot model of operation, the results so far, and visits to partner factory premises at GE Healthcare. In case of the South African delegation, the primary reason to visit Finland was to learn more on Reboot project.

Reboot model of operation was also rewarded as one of the best local ecosystem collaboration projects in Global Nokia internal 2019 Location Awards. This further validates the model and the impact from the viewpoint of manufacturing industry.

During the first phase, another Business Finland-funded ecosystem project called SEED was started. SEED targets process industry, and shares the operational model of Reboot. These two sibling projects actively collaborate on both strategic and operational levels. As a result, the Reboot model further develops across two major industry verticals.

Finally, when assessing the overall performance of Reboot first phase, all five partner factories agreed: Reboot project exceeded company expectations!

See Reboot IoT Factory Phase I Report for further details!

Marko Jurmu

Reboot IoT Factory


Reboot IoT Factory brings together service and solution providers, industrial leaders and top research organizations to improve the competitiveness of Finnish manufacturing industry through digitalization

Reboot IoT Factory
Reboot IoT Factory
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