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Kick-off meeting

The Reboot consortia gathered for a kick-off meeting on August, 22 at VTT Mikes Metrology, Espoo, Finland. There were over 40 participants from various companies and research organizations.

This successful day resulted in the formation of three Grand Challenge teams and agreements of five proofs-of-concept (PoCs) that will be developed in the first months of a project. These are:

  1. A digital twin of a product (first experimented at Rolls-Royce)
  2. A supply chain model (first experimented at Ponsse)
  3. Visualization of a production status (first experimented at Nokia)
  4. Mobile robotics for indoor logistics (first experimented at GE Healthcare)
  5. Productivity from data (first experimented at ABB).
Reboot kick-off 2

Tne project group will come together once again in November to share their experiences learned on their proofs-of-concept. Each PoC will combine results from research and SME services, so we expect to see new innovations and new people in the project by then!

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