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Reboot Paving the Way for Twin Transition

Reboot IoT Factory has transformed manufacturing through digitalization in Finland. The project’s first phase started in May 2018, the second phase in November 2019, and the project ends in August 2021. Reboot has renewed how research is carried out, how teams are organized, and how the work is scheduled by utilizing agile methods and iterative processes for co-creating new innovations.

Factories have proven to be excellent innovation platforms!

During the project, VTT, University of Oulu, Åbo Akademi, Aalto University, ABB, GE, KONGSBERG, Nokia, Ponsse, Scanfil, Sulzer and 50+ SMEs have co-developed over 100 solutions for manufacturing industry. These include AI Foreman for work scheduling, data utilisation for productivity and employee well-being, learning collaborative robots, and virtual buyer to name a few. All information on the experiments has been shared openly and many of the solutions are under commercialization. The research results have also been outstanding: over 100 scientific publications have been created including 80+ peer-reviewed journal publications and 20+ PhD and master’s theses.

Despite the fact that Reboot IoT project ends in August, research activities are still on-going. Many of these are based on the digitalization research, but there are also new topics in sustainability and green transition field, such as energy efficiency, sustainability assessment and circular supply chains. Deep digitalization knowledge gained during Reboot combined with new sustainability expertise provides the research network an excellent basis to advance the twin transition of manufacturing in Finland. Well target and continuous broad research is needed to achieve the forerunner position of fighting the global climate change, bringing security for future generations and economic strength.

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