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Robotics fusion

The current robotics solutions at factories lack adaption capabilities. Robotics fusion is our vision of a highly automated and adaptive production system, where human work is still needed and valuable.

Our objective is to utilize robotics fusion technologies to achieve more efficient and productive production systems. In the future, robots do not have to be manually programmed, they learn from examples and have collaborative capabilities both with workers and other robots. The robots are tightly integrated into factory floor digital twins and adapt their operation based on the changes in production, supply chain and in the digital twin.

The automation levels of the existing processes will be significantly improved through AI, intelligent algorithms, software robotics and robotics process automation. In the future, the production system is a fusion of software intelligence, advanced data management and automation systems.

Robotics fusion, focus areas

How do I get involved?

In order to get involved in our robotics fusion grand challenge, please contact us either directly or using our Fenix business case management tool. We are glad to tell you all about the available business opportunities.

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