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“Before Reboot IoT Factory we were mostly exporting our AR technologies. This project gave us a chance to enter also the big Finnish manufacturing companies allowing us to be even more innovative and quicker in deployment of novel solutions in a growing market segment.” Peter Antoniac, Augumenta CTO

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“Reboot consortium has supported us in developing and implementing new innovative IoT 4.0 solutions into factory daily operations and thus helping moving forward in our digital Conscious Factory transformation journey.” Mika Kaivola, Nokia

“Reboot IoT Factory project has enabled the collaboration between two very different size companies in an interesting way. It has been refreshing to learn how gaming industry knowledge can be applied in the traditional manufacturing sector.” – Ville Herranen, co-founder of Parta Games

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“Participating in the Reboot IoT Factory programme has been a great opportunity for us to develop ourselves and our business. In this programme, we were able to use Proof of Concept (POC) to implement and test an idea that has been talked about again and again in coffee table discussion. However, building and testing a device according to the idea would have taken a considerable amount of resources from a company our size. Thanks to Reboot IoT, not only were we able to develop and test our idea independently, but also got valuable real-life data on using the device from a partner company.” – Oskari Hakaluoto, founder.

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Reboot increased our capacity in our product line with such an extent that we can transfer more production to Finland” says Heli Huhtala, the lead of Reboot at GE Healthcare Finland on their patient monitoring part production.

One success case of a smaller company operating with several factories is realized with 3D-talo: “Reboot project has enabled high-risk product development projects with different actors. We have also learned how large a sector our offering of IoT and VR/AR are suitable for explains” CEO Tatu Säisä.

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Reboot has enabled Proof of Concepts with SME’s and collaboration with project consortium, which aim to digitalize our supply chain, improve its transparency and strengthen the related ecosystem.

Reboot IoT Factory


Reboot IoT Factory brings together service and solution providers, industrial leaders and top research organizations to improve the competitiveness of Finnish manufacturing industry through digitalization

Reboot IoT Factory
Reboot IoT Factory
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